This collection is for those who…

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This collection has been featured in a professional photoshoot by Bell Studio – Esther & Gabe Fine Art Wedding Photography.

What's included

The wedding invitation includes the following:

  • one-page wedding invitation card
    • size options
    • paper options
  • matching envelope (unlined, unprinted, without embellishments)
    • matching the size of the invitation
    • colour options

The name, date and place are customizable.

Prices from … EUR / wedding invitation (see description below) if 60 non-custom pieces are ordered.

You may also order matching additional cards and embellishments for customization

Matching cards

You can also order

with matching design.

Or you may come up with an idea that we didn’t think about. Don’t be shy and tell us about it to make your dream come true!


You can also customize any card with embellishments that you may order separately. For our list of options check them out.


If you like this collection, then don’t hesitate, tell us about it by filling out the contact form below and receive your quote.

Choose paper quality

Choose number of invitations

Select embellishments for your invitation if requested

Select additional cards if requested

I don't know what to write, please help

It’s perfectly OK.

First and foremost, you may tell us what you would like to order. You may like to order the wedding invitation only (that solely includes a matching envelope), but you may order other cards (like save-the-date card, map or RSVP card) and/or embellishments (like linen wrap, envelope lining or wax seal) as well. Just be sure to list everything you would like to have.

Secondly, we would need you to tell us have many you would like to have of each (e.g. 20 set of invitations, 10 set of maps and you’d also like to have a custom wax seal).

Thirdly, we would need the basic information that must be included on each of the cards, like the name of the bride and the groom, as well as the place and date of the wedding.

If you’d like to customize the wording of any of the cards then tell us about that as well.